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Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

I booked the Stain buster after seeing their van in my local area. Booking was easy and confirmation came immediately. I received a text message as the technician was on his way to my home. When he arrived I showed him the area I wanted clean and explained that there had been some water damage that resulted in some stains that could not come out but I would like it cleaned anyway so that I could get the odor out of the space. I went upstairs and he got to work.
When he was finished, I literally yelped Oh my gosh. My basement carpet has NEVER looked this good, and I've used other carpet companies. It looked like brand new carpet, with the most pleasant smell. Stanley Steamer could NEVER. I am a regular customer now!

Jamina Clay

I had a wonderful experience with this company. Staff were very friendly, super easy and convenient for me.

Jack Davies

“This company does an incredible job –
I recommend them to all of my Friends , family and co-worker's that's purchasing a new home with existing carpet. They are outstanding! I love the positive attitude, professionalism.

Helena Henry

Punctual, compliant with COVID-precautions, professional and quality work! I recommend this company and will be using them from now on out.

Shaheedah Greenwood

I scheduled these guys to come to clean our carpets prior to moving out and they did an outstanding job. Attention to detail , removed all stains , cleaned our high traffic areas and upon completion we were awarded our FULL SECURITY DEPOSIT . I cant say enough about the job they did . Thanks again !!

Jeffrey Handy

Ray was awesome and did a fabulous job, please extend to Ray our appreciation. We are so pleased we will call again to do the rest at a later date.

Russell Rafine

Exceeded my expectations. Added some more years onto my carpet and sofa’s life. I will most definitely use these guys again.. Thanks

Shelia Howard
Melba Richburg

Good job, no problem

Glenn Lyons

I said to the guy I don't expect miracles, but he really did.

Christian Focht

Awesome job

Tracy Redner

Great work and very knowledgeable.

Leefields Hire

This company is Awesome

Ray Gordon

If they can work on being on time. They will be the best in the city. When they did come they did great work and the guy was super nice. I’m going to give them a second chance.

Charlise Grimes

I really want to thank The Stain Busters for their services. My three mattresses and two love couches smells amazing and look brand new after being inside storage unit for two years. Ray and Cody are professionals work safe dress safe and I will be back again too as a loyal customer.

Tiphanie Debnam

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